A Little Story About Giving Back..

Everyone deserves and needs a good sleep.

From the beginning our company has had a dedicated giving program.
Business around the world have the power to create change and do good in the world. This program has been designed to give all returned or faulty products to those who require a deep sleep or just a place to rest their head for a night.

We currently are not affiliated with any programs.
Our customers have the choice the location of donation as we see this as an opportunity for the customer to see and do good for another human being. 
Throughout Australian there are many non-for-profit companies doing wonderful work to help with housing for the disadvantaged, we can see why Australia is called "the lucky country".   

We have done our homework and will happily donate to these charities as we know how much it can make a difference:



St Johns Youth Services
Life Without Barriers
Australian Red Cross
Kids Under Cover
Melbourne City Mission
Youth Off The Streets
CatholicCare Sydney
The Ted Noffs Foundation
Mission Australia

    "Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment"