Questions & Answers

Question 1: What countries do you ship to?

We want the world to sleep deep! We ship to the following:

- Australia
- New Zealand
- Canada
- United States of America 
- United Kingdom
- Most of Europe
- South Africa
- Singapore
- Hong Kong
- China

If you are outside these zones, please message us and we will make a special consideration. 

Question 2: What country are you based from?

We are an Australian company here to show the world how we sleep.

Question 3: How long is shipping?

Generally it takes 4-12 business days but due to the current pandemic happening world wide it can be a slightly slower process unfortunately.   

Question 4: Do I need to wash the pillow before using it?

As you spend 8 or more hours on your pillow daily, we recommend an initial wash for hygienic reasons. 

Question 5: Will this pillow affect my allergies? 

Our materials are machine washable and air permeable creating allergy free material.

Question 6: Do you offer any guarantees?

Our pillows are luxury personified.
We are after only after the highest quality material and design.

We offer 3 years of Deep Sleep, Guaranteed. 

Question 7: How do i wash my pillow?

 Please see the caring for my pillow section on the home page.

Question 8: Can the pillow reduce back pain?

Yes, potentially!

The design and supportive nature can assist with sleeping posture thus correcting and aligning your body giving you a restful sleep.